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We’re constantly faced with a very repetitive question. ‘Why hire Ameriam, when we could just do it ourselves?’

Great question. 

The one thing that business owners fail to remember is that SEO isn’t a simple once off setup. It takes time. Lots of time. 

To put it into comparison to a full time employee, it would literally cost you $165,000+ per year in overheads, which is 3 full time employees at $55,000 per year. 

That is one graphic designer, one SEO specialist and a content writer. 

With the team comes an account manager (not factored into the costs) which does all the initial research and discovery. This helps the team produce content and deliver results. 

When you hire Ameriam, you’re getting years of experience, unending talent and determination to see your project become another one of our success stories. 

Instead of costing you over $165,000+ a year, we charge a small fixed monthly fee, which works out to be free once we’ve generated enough leads through your website. 


Take our expert knowledge

Take the knowledge that we’ve used on almost every strategy ever completed by us, that has seen exponential growth in businesses in less than 120 days.

We GUARANTEE visitors

…the top of Google

Guess what? No visitors, no sales.  

What we guarantee is a steady stream of leads coming through to your website each and every single month. 

We’ll use our unique strategy to get you to the top of Google in under 120 days. Guaranteed. 

Leads, leads, leads

…which means $$$ to you

Where others focus on setting and forgetting, our aim is to have you funnel overflowing with leads that are ‘ready to buy’ from you now. 

This sounds easy enough, but most SEO Agencies seem to just get it wrong. Our only focus is leads coming through to your website. 

Annihilate your competitors!

A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.

Get the edge you really need to out-rank, out-do, out-perform your competitors in the race to the top of Mount Google!

A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.

That being said, we don’t rush this process, and why would we? We treat it with care, as it’s one of the most crucial part of a well thought out marketing strategy. Our strategy is as follows:

1. Keyword Research

We will have a call which will help us determine what products and services you offer on a deeper level than we understand right now.

We’ll then go away and produce an action list.

We’ll break this down into months. This plan will be structured to get you results as fast as humanly possible.

2. Instant results

In most cases, your business has been online for years already which is great. You’ll already be naturally ranking for a few keywords here and there.

Our job initially will be to do a bunch of “quick fixes” to get you just ranked for something so you can start to see some results coming in.

It’s not instant, but it’s this unique method is the closest you can get to it in the SEO game.

3. The Ultimate Plan

The end game is domination; to dominate your space.

Whatever wacky combination your potential customer types in – boom, you’re there.

That is ultimately how you get on that epic level of lead generation is to simply be everywhere. Now, this isn’t easy, cheap or quick but our hope is by showing you what’s possible and giving you that extra boost in leads, that will go a long way to funding the effort to taking over your local industry in Google.


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